Monday, September 10, 2007

Screening Schedule - Salt Lake City Film Center

Presented By:
Salt Lake City Film Center

Screening Venue:
Sundance Screening Room, Provo
Post Theater, University of Utah
Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Peery Theater, Ogden
Salt Lake City Community College (SLCC)

12:00 pm Eternal Summer (Post Theater)
2:00 pm Amour Legende (Post Theater)
4:00 pm Reception (Sundance Screening Room)
4:30 pm Three Times (Post Theater)
6:00 pm Squid Daddy's Labor Room (Sundance Screening Room)
with producer Sylvia Feng
7:00 pm Amour Legende (Peery Theater)
7:30 pm Island Etude (Post Theater)
7:30 pm Blue Cha Cha (Sundance Screening Room)
with director Cheng Wen- tang

12:00 pm Shonenko (Post Theater)
1:30 pm Vision of Darkness (Post Theater)
with Sylvia Feng
1:00 pm Squid Daddy's Labor Room (Westminister College)
3:30 pm Blue Cha Cha (Post Theater)
5:30 pm Squid Daddy's Labor Room (SLCC)
7:00 pm Three Times (Peery Theater)
7:30 pm Tigerwomen Grow Wings (UMFA)
with Director and producer

10:30 am Affair of Three Cities: The Game (Post Theater)
with director Chuan Chung
1:00 pm Squid Daddy’s Labor Room (Post Theater)
with Producer Sylvia Feng
3:30 pm Radio Mihu (Post Theater)
3:30 pm Radio Mihu (SLCC)
7:00 pm The Human Comedy (Post Theater)

The 2007 Taiwan Film Festival in Salt Lake City is part of the Taiwan Cultural Festival (October 15 -21).

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