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Press Release: 2007 Taiwan Film Festival Commences

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September 26, 2007

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2007 Taiwan Film Festival Commences

San Francisco, CA – The 2007 Taiwan Film Festival, to be held at Stanford University (10/7), UC Davis (10/10-13), Salt Lake City Film Center (10/15-17), University of Oregon (10/18-20), and the University of Washington (10/19-21), will showcase thirteen feature and documentary films that reflect the quality, range, and vitality of contemporary Taiwanese film-making.

While the 2006 Taiwan Film Festival took a retrospective tour of Taiwanese films, this year’s festival features the young and upcoming film directors who have created independent, documentary and experimental films that attract international attention. This year’s filmmakers bring stories to the screens which oftentimes challenge the Taiwanese comfort levels and de-facto global impressions of Taiwan. The various genres not only add to the breadth of the Taiwanese film industry, but give voice to otherwise marginalized groups.

Directors Hung Hung, Cheng Wen-tang, Monika Treut, Kuo Liang-Yin, Chuan Chung, and famous Taiwan documentary producer Sylvia Feng will be in attendance.


The Human Comedy (2001), director Hung Hung
Blue Cha Cha (2005), director Cheng Wen-Tang
Three Times (2006), director Hou Hsiao-Hsien
Eternal Summer (2006), director Leste Chen
Island Etude (2007), director En Chen
The Touch of Fate (2006), director Pan Chih-Yuan
Amour-LEGENDE (2005), director Wu Mi-Sen

Vision of Darkness (2005), director Zero Zhou
The Squid Daddy's Labor Room (2007), director Ko Chin-Yuan
Tigerwomen Grow Wings (2005), director Monika Treut
Shonenko (2006), director Kuo Liang-Yin
The Affairs of Three Cities: The Game (2006), director Chung Chuan
Radio Mihu (2004), director Lee Chung-Wang

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