Monday, September 10, 2007

Taiwan Cultural Festival in Salt Lake City

The 2007 Taiwan Film Festival in Salt Lake City is part of the Taiwan Cultural Festival. Please click on the image or follow the PDF link to view the poster.

Salt Lake City Taiwan Cultural Festival Poster [PDF] (10878K)

Welcoming remarks for the Salt Lake City Taiwan Cultural Festival --

Salt Lake County and the Utah Taiwanese community invite the public to share and experience a cornucopia of Taiwanese film, performing, musical and culinary arts during the Taiwan Cultural Festival, October 15-20, 2007 in Salt Lake City. We are thrilled to be hosting Mayor Lee of Nantou County, Salt Lake County’s sister county. Nantou and West Valley City are also sister cities. We will also be hosting some of Taiwan’s leading contemporary non fiction and narrative filmmakers, the internationally recognized Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company, Taiwan’s premiere pan flute artist, Chung Li Chang, tea masters Mr. and Mrs. Hsien Tong Lin; and retired and revered chef of Din Tai Fung, Chang Jui-Ching. Throughout the week there will be tea ceremonies, pan flute concerts, dumpling demonstrations, film screenings and master classes, and puppet shows that will enchant the young and old.

The Utah Taiwanese community started forming in the early 1960’s as part of the “brain drain” phenomenon that hit East Asian countries. An influx of Taiwanese university and graduate students came to attend Utah’s major universities. Eventually, many of these students chose to permanently reside in Utah to work and raise their families. Over forty years later, a full generation of Taiwanese
Americans have been born and raised in Utah and this is the first cultural celebration of its kind.

We hope you join us in what promises to be remarkable celebration of Taiwanese culture and a vibrant Taiwanese American community here in Utah. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share the best of what autumn brings to Utah with our sister city, county and countrymen from Taiwan.


Honorary Co-Chairs Mayor Peter Corroon, Mayor Dennis Nordfelt, and Beatrice Chang

Click here to view Salt Lake City Screening Schedule

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