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Press Release -- Taiwan Cultural Festival brings Taiwan to Utah

For Immediate Release
October 2, 2007

Taiwan Cultural Festival brings Taiwan to Utah, Oct 15-20

Salt Lake City, UT – Starting mid-October, the Salt Lake County and the Utah Taiwanese community will host a Taiwan Cultural Festival at various locations. This festival will captivate all your senses with Taiwanese films, art, music, and cuisine - all especially flown in for this weeklong celebration.

The Taiwan Cultural Festival includes some of Taiwan’s leading contemporary non-fiction and narrative filmmakers, the internationally recognized Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company, Taiwan’s premiere pan flute artist, Chung Li Chang, tea masters Mr. and Mrs. Hsien Tong Lin; and the retired chef of world famous Din Tai Fung Restaurant, Mr. Chang Jui-Ching. Throughout the week, there will be tea ceremonies, pan flute concerts, dumpling demonstrations, film screenings, and puppet shows to will enchant the young and old alike.

The film screening portion of the Taiwan Cultural Festival consists of two sets of films. The Contemporary Film Series, part of the 2007 Taiwan Film Festival (, will showcase feature and documentary films that reflect the quality, range and vitality of contemporary Taiwanese film-making, while Taiwan Masters will focus on classic Taiwanese movies since the New Wave, featuring works from world renown directors Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Edward Yang. In addition, directors Cheng Wen-tang, Monika Treut, Chuan Chung, and famous Taiwan documentary producer Sylvia Feng will be in attendance.

The festival is the first comprehensive cultural celebration of Taiwanese Culture in Utah. Utah’s Taiwanese community formed in the early 1960’s as students came overseas to attend Utah’s universities, many remaining after graduation. Four decades later, a generation of Taiwanese Americans calls Utah their home and strong sister city and sister county ties have formed between different regions of Utah and Taiwan.

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